School Exchange Programme

True Ireland will develop a cultural and educational programme suited to the age group and preferences of the schools and students.

The school exchange programme is very easy, firstly one country’s group of students will visit host country. They will attend the local school and stay with host families for a duration of 1-3 weeks during the school year. Then shortly afterwards the second country’s group of students will host in their own country.

The activity programmes will help to ease pressure on host family.


  • It’s a great way to build a relationship between schools, students and families in different countries.
  • Cost efficient: An exchange programme saves on accommodation and food expenses whilst abroad.
  • The activity programme will help to ease pressure on host family.

How do we work?

  • Personal interview with the school to understand school ethos, programme objectives and overall expectations.
  • Registration fee 150€ – Once the initial payment is made we will begin the school search and selection process.
  • Schools introduction – True Ireland will coordinate the meetings where both schools will decide on dates, age groups, number of students, exchange duration etc.
  • Online community – True Ireland will create a communal online space with private access for families’, students and teachers to share their concerns, experiences before, during and after the exchange.
  • True Ireland will create and coordinate the activity programmes.

Upon request True Ireland can manage all of the necessary insurance for the trip.

Please contact us for more details.